What's needed for a Long Exposure photo

What's needed for a Long Exposure photo and How to Calculate.

My Setup for really Long Exposures (minutes).


Tripod (sturdy)

Cable release

Mirror Lockup or Live View to prevent Mirror slap which causes slight vibrations

Shoot in RAW (to correct any colour cast from filter in post + other corrections)

Camera with Bulb setting (Digital or Film)

With Film, watch out for Reciprocity failure  Wiki

Setup camera to measure in 1/2 stop increments instead of 1/3 stop (easier to calculate)

10 stop ND filter. Plus others if needed.

Composition (can't stress this enough)

If using Auto Focus don't forget to turn it off otherwise the lens will seek if using a 10 stop ND filter and you'll have to take it off and focus again.

Measure Shutter Speed with Aperture Value set at f/16 first before ND is positioned.

What ever the shutter speed count back 10 stops of light hoping for 1/15 or lower but no longer than 1 second (too long for me) 

eg 1/15 - 10 stops would be 1 minute

       1/8 -  10 stops would be 2 minutes

       1/4 -  10 stops would be 4 minutes

       1/2 -  10 stops would be 8 minutes

        1s -  10 stops would be 15 minutes

Then switch to Bulb mode on the Dial and set the Aperture to f/16 and ISO 100

Take a photo with cable release and lock for the time measured.

I learnt all this via http://www.bwvision.com/  by Joel Tjintjelaar and read the guides for Ultimate Guide For Long Exposures part 1 - 3

Another resource is http://www.bulbexposures.com/ by Marc Koegel

Any questions let me know.


*edit now that i have upgraded to a Canon EOS 6D i use ISO 50 so i get less Hot Pixels & Noise during the Long Exposure.



Osborne Park Jetty

Osborne Park Jetty


If you have used Google Plus social network you would of heard of Photospheres which are 360 degree panoramas usually created with a Nexus phone. I have found a way to create with my Canon Eos 6D DSLR and upload to Google Map Views.

While i was at North Avoca this morning i just remembered to create one of these. Here is my link http://goo.gl/oq1OAL

Don't forget to tell me what you think and get out and create them. Share a link if you have done one.


Scouting and Vision in Photography


Today i'm going to talk about scouting and vision in regards to the before and after of capturing an image called "Norah Head 7"

It's real important when you have down time from taking photos that you either dream day or night about a scene that you have gone to, looked up online through sites like Flickr and Google Maps or draw out a scene on paper.  It really helps with pre-visualisation. Another way is while out and about use your phone's camera to take a snap shot of a scene.

Below i have taken a snap of the scene i have been thinking about. I did this while walking at the beach with the family.  It was quick and i got back to the Dad duties afterwards.

Norah Head 7 taken with phone camera

Norah Head 7 taken with phone camera

Straight away i saw the composition i wanted, i had seen this shape of a seven with the direction of the rocks. Now to come back on an overcast day when i'll have clouds to create a moody image.

Creating the image.

I came back during overcast conditions which is right for my moody black & white long exposure images. I lined up the composition i already scouted from a previous time inserted my Lee filters the Big Stopper (10 stops) and a Hard Edge Grad Neutral Density (3 stops) and made an exposure of 2 minutes @ f/16 & ISO 50


I opened the image in Adobe Camera Raw and did minimal changes like Lens Correction and Straighten image nothing else was done as i knew it would be a B&W image. Next the file opens in Adobe Photoshop where i cleaned up dust spots, created Curve layers with masks and also Luminosity masks to increase exposure in the highlight and decrease exposure in other areas of the image and then saved the image for the web. I left the Coal Ship in the background because i feel it adds to the composition and weight of the image using the leading lines of the 7 shape to the ship then to the clouds.

Norah Head 7 Final Image.

Norah Head 7 Final Image.

Final Thoughts

Think, think & think about it. I can't stress that enough. It will make you more happy and proud when you get it all right from Vision to the Final Image.

Remember one quality image is better than a quantity of images that are bad or semi-ok.

I wait your commentary and feedback on this post.



The International Photography Awards

After i got into photography i thought to myself, what is a good measure that i'm improving in this art form and gets recognized by my peers? A recognizable photography award.

I had found out about a competition called the IPA's and some of the photographers i had been following had received awards from it in the past. I thought gee, it would be good to get an award from the IPA's just like the photographers i have been following and learning from. I thought to myself i'm getting close to the stage where i'm happy and comfortable with my images being criticized or scored so i should enter some in the 2013 IPA's. I entered 2 images and was well surprised that i received in my first year for 1 of them an....



For the image "Ocean" a B&W Minimalist Nightscape. 


Just to make it clear i didn't receive an award but a recognition of the photo i entered. It has encouraged me to improve my photography and processing skills for next year where i hope to get an award and/or mention.

My plan for next year is to make a series of images to enter that are similar to each other or tell a story. I find these sets of images more compelling and take you deep into thought about them and why were they taken. (Now what to shoot and what do i have to say??)

Congrats to all the other photographers who entered, won an award or was given an honorable mention.  There is still the International Photographer of the Year award and others to be awarded so don't forget to watch their site. 


Epson International Pano Awards

This year i thought i'd enter the Epson Pano Awards to see where i'm at with my photography. I thought if i'd get any recognition i would be extremely happy.

Well i did get recognition i got a bronze (72/100) in the Amateur section for Nature category for Lighthouse Dawn. To say i was extremely happy was an understatement, i told my wife straight away and she was very happy for me.

I had only taken this image as a second thought to what i was out there for, to capture a nice seascape. As i have learnt, it pays to turn around and look what's behind you, you may see a setting Full Moon as well. 

About the image. 

This was a 2 image stitch captured on a Canon EOS 1000D with no Pano Head @ f/11, 1/2 Sec Shutter, ISO 100 and processed in Auto Pano Pro and Photoshop with layers and masks to bring up the exposure of the foreground and darken the sky while bringing out the pink hue in morning sky.

 The top 50 for opens and amateur are still being judged so you check here soon.

Leave a comment here or on my social media sites.



Instagram is something i never thought i'd get into, but i found a use. I use it to capture behind the scenes of my location of where i'm photographing with my DSLR and also follow other photographers. You will get to see some of the images i'll think about processing before i post them to my website or social media sites.

I don't post too many DSLR pics to my account and mainly use my phone's camera to capture the scene where i'm at.

Not only do i edit through the native Instagram app on Android i also edit and resize on 3rd party apps such as

My account is here Jason Beaven don't forget to follow and leave a comment!!!


The Plus One Collection 2012 Book Has Arrived!

Wow i mean WOW! What a book.

I was so excited to see this book, i was frozen on every page, that's how good it is. Stopping, staring and absorbing each image. This is how Photographs are meant to be viewed in print not on a screen.  It was a refreshing feeling not to Like, Comment or +1 an image. Not that there is anything wrong with it and i welcome them myself on social media and gives you a general overview of how others see your creation.

We can't all afford to print every photograph, print a book or exhibit but i urge others to make sure they try an do this as often as they can or afford, it's a great feeling when you can see and feel your image.

More on the book, it's thick, heavy and lots of images which is great. It's divided into colour images at the beginning of the book and the black and white images towards the end with similar themes on each page or spread, so the design is well thought out.

The book and project is great and can't wait for the 2013 version.

The book will go on sale to the public shortly.


PhotoHaus Gallery - The Art of Long Exposure Exhibition

As you might gather by now i have a drawing to Long Exposure Photography, particularity Black and White images.

So when i saw an open call for submissions to The Art of Long Exposure Exhibition from the PhotoHaus Gallery http://photohausgallery.com/ i knew i had to apply. It's been curated by Sharon TenenbaumGrant Murray and Marc Koegel whom i hold in high regard.

I was very excited and nervous when i learnt that i'll be included in this exhibition and in an International Art Gallery! The PhotoHaus Gallery is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Thoughts in composing these images:

I don't normally give the background on what i'm thinking when capturing the image and usually leave it to the viewer for interpretation but if you read on i'll explain next my thoughts.

Untitled: I used the angle of the rocks and channel to point towards from bottom left of the composition to top right towards the hill in the background. I also knew the clouds were moving from behind me to give the cloud streak to show against the grain of the composition giving an overall flow to the image.

Catherine Hill Bay: I'll keep this simple. I imagined using the flow of the rocks to point to the wharf and in turn point to the right towards the hill in the background to have a curved leading line that leads you from the front of the image to the background.

The Exhibition will run from 1st June, 2013.


Untitled, 2012

Catherine Hill Bay, 2013

Plus One Collection 2012 Book

I'm proud to say that i am participating in this years Plus One Collection 2012 Book http://plusonecollection.com. Why am i proud, well this is one of the first charitable projects i have been involved with combining my new passion for Photography and outlook on life. I'm more than happy to submit my image to help raise money for charity. Hopefully other projects will come up later i can help with and involve my images or my photography skills.

The project is based on getting together Photographers around the world who are on Google's social media network Google+ https://plus.google.com/ to submit their best images of 2012 to be published in the Plus One Collection Book.

The aim is to raise money through Indiegogo http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/be-a-part-of-plus-one-collection-2012 for The Kilgoris Project. The part we help with is to put cameras in the Kenyan Maasai kids' hands to document their surroundings. Pictures of the kids can be seen here http://thekilgorisproject.com/kids-with-cameras.html  

I'd like to thank everyone involved especially Ivan Makarov, Andy Lee and the other photographers who made it possible to create.

See you over on Google+


Here is the image i submitted. It's The Skillion based at Terrigal on the New South Wales Central Coast, Australia.

The Skillion - 2012

Hello and Welcome

Here I am Jason Beaven on the Internet representing my portfolio of photographs. This is what I have wanted to do for a little while now and I have a great feeling about this.

Don't forget to leave a comment that you were here looking at my site and let me know what you think.