Ocean Thoughts

Ocean Thoughts....

After having some personal issues with social media, bland photos in my streams (social media noise, should i give it a rest) getting the shits with my progress (business and printing) I think I have pull another image out of my arse, that hopefully someone will like. 

Now i'm adding to your digital noise sorry.

About the image..titled "Ocean Thoughts"

These nice jagged rocks are just to the right of Camel Rock and while I was waiting for the others to come back from around there I decided one last image before I headed off for breakfast. 

I was looking at them and I can just see before I even start what it's going to look like in my mind, playing it out in my head. I could see the leading line from the creek out to the rocks with the flow of clouds streaking by.

Tip: If setting up a tripod on these outlets make sure you push down on the tripod legs to steady it because the water flowing will soften the sand and make the tripod sink down during your exposure and therefore the static subjects will blur. 


Ocean Thoughts - ISO 50, f/16 @ 4mins

Ocean Thoughts - ISO 50, f/16 @ 4mins

Scouting and Vision in Photography


Today i'm going to talk about scouting and vision in regards to the before and after of capturing an image called "Norah Head 7"

It's real important when you have down time from taking photos that you either dream day or night about a scene that you have gone to, looked up online through sites like Flickr and Google Maps or draw out a scene on paper.  It really helps with pre-visualisation. Another way is while out and about use your phone's camera to take a snap shot of a scene.

Below i have taken a snap of the scene i have been thinking about. I did this while walking at the beach with the family.  It was quick and i got back to the Dad duties afterwards.

Norah Head 7 taken with phone camera

Norah Head 7 taken with phone camera

Straight away i saw the composition i wanted, i had seen this shape of a seven with the direction of the rocks. Now to come back on an overcast day when i'll have clouds to create a moody image.

Creating the image.

I came back during overcast conditions which is right for my moody black & white long exposure images. I lined up the composition i already scouted from a previous time inserted my Lee filters the Big Stopper (10 stops) and a Hard Edge Grad Neutral Density (3 stops) and made an exposure of 2 minutes @ f/16 & ISO 50


I opened the image in Adobe Camera Raw and did minimal changes like Lens Correction and Straighten image nothing else was done as i knew it would be a B&W image. Next the file opens in Adobe Photoshop where i cleaned up dust spots, created Curve layers with masks and also Luminosity masks to increase exposure in the highlight and decrease exposure in other areas of the image and then saved the image for the web. I left the Coal Ship in the background because i feel it adds to the composition and weight of the image using the leading lines of the 7 shape to the ship then to the clouds.

Norah Head 7 Final Image.

Norah Head 7 Final Image.

Final Thoughts

Think, think & think about it. I can't stress that enough. It will make you more happy and proud when you get it all right from Vision to the Final Image.

Remember one quality image is better than a quantity of images that are bad or semi-ok.

I wait your commentary and feedback on this post.