The Kilgoris Project

The Plus One Collection 2012 Book Has Arrived!

Wow i mean WOW! What a book.

I was so excited to see this book, i was frozen on every page, that's how good it is. Stopping, staring and absorbing each image. This is how Photographs are meant to be viewed in print not on a screen.  It was a refreshing feeling not to Like, Comment or +1 an image. Not that there is anything wrong with it and i welcome them myself on social media and gives you a general overview of how others see your creation.

We can't all afford to print every photograph, print a book or exhibit but i urge others to make sure they try an do this as often as they can or afford, it's a great feeling when you can see and feel your image.

More on the book, it's thick, heavy and lots of images which is great. It's divided into colour images at the beginning of the book and the black and white images towards the end with similar themes on each page or spread, so the design is well thought out.

The book and project is great and can't wait for the 2013 version.

The book will go on sale to the public shortly.