Pano Awards

Epson International Pano Awards

This year i thought i'd enter the Epson Pano Awards to see where i'm at with my photography. I thought if i'd get any recognition i would be extremely happy.

Well i did get recognition i got a bronze (72/100) in the Amateur section for Nature category for Lighthouse Dawn. To say i was extremely happy was an understatement, i told my wife straight away and she was very happy for me.

I had only taken this image as a second thought to what i was out there for, to capture a nice seascape. As i have learnt, it pays to turn around and look what's behind you, you may see a setting Full Moon as well. 

About the image. 

This was a 2 image stitch captured on a Canon EOS 1000D with no Pano Head @ f/11, 1/2 Sec Shutter, ISO 100 and processed in Auto Pano Pro and Photoshop with layers and masks to bring up the exposure of the foreground and darken the sky while bringing out the pink hue in morning sky.

 The top 50 for opens and amateur are still being judged so you check here soon.

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