The International Photography Awards

After i got into photography i thought to myself, what is a good measure that i'm improving in this art form and gets recognized by my peers? A recognizable photography award.

I had found out about a competition called the IPA's and some of the photographers i had been following had received awards from it in the past. I thought gee, it would be good to get an award from the IPA's just like the photographers i have been following and learning from. I thought to myself i'm getting close to the stage where i'm happy and comfortable with my images being criticized or scored so i should enter some in the 2013 IPA's. I entered 2 images and was well surprised that i received in my first year for 1 of them an....



For the image "Ocean" a B&W Minimalist Nightscape.

Just to make it clear i didn't receive an award but a recognition of the photo i entered. It has encouraged me to improve my photography and processing skills for next year where i hope to get an award and/or mention.

My plan for next year is to make a series of images to enter that are similar to each other or tell a story. I find these sets of images more compelling and take you deep into thought about them and why were they taken. (Now what to shoot and what do i have to say??)

Congrats to all the other photographers who entered, won an award or was given an honorable mention.  There is still the International Photographer of the Year award and others to be awarded so don't forget to watch their site.