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LEExposure 06 Gallery Feature

Hi all, it's been a very long time between posts. I actually have some news to share. Three of my images were selected to feature in the gallery section of the LEExposure 06 E-Mag. I thank the staff at Lee Filters for asking me to submit photos to show.

My photos and commentary appear on pages 46-49. You can download or view on the web at this website

Here is sample of the gallery below. For higher res or to download please go to their website.

Flood Study

A study of scenes captured during floods, April 2015.

I have always wanted to create a series where all the images captured were created and processed in a similar way. This is marks the first attempt in doing so.


What have I been up to since Feb?

Hello All, I'm still alive. I haven't done a blog since February. Sorry about that.

So what have I been up to?

In March I found a new local jetty for creating long exposures with and the next day's Sunrise was a sight to see, well you can view it below.

I'm also shooting architectural images on my phone and posting them to Instagram which are captured around North Sydney.

North Sydney Architecture. #architecture #bnw #northsydney

A photo posted by @jasonbeaven on

In April we start to get a lot of rain and we had some localized flooding of the lake and I create a minimal long exposure of one of my favourite jetties which I've been capturing for a few years now.


I went to the local state recreation park and one of the last shelf clouds for the Australian east coast came roaring through.

Snapper Point Shelf CloudThese buggers are hard to capture in my opinion. I was in the Munmorah State Rec. Park on...

Posted by Jason Beaven Photography on Friday, April 17, 2015

It's Milky Way season in the Southern Hemisphere in April and May. I live on the east coast of Australia and facing the Pacific Ocean I captured the Milky Way core rising.

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It's now May and I have created a new Study series called "Flood Study" based on recent floods of our lakes from what's known as an East Coast Low. I'll create a new post for that series very soon. So stay tuned.

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Broken & Scarred

Here is a new image i created over the weekend called "Broken & Scarred". I have seen this jetty online before and I knew I had to find it and go take a look for myself. So I looked up where I thought it was on Google Maps and it didn't take long to find.

When I turned up to the location you have to go through a set of gates to a private Hospital and I noticed on the sign that the gates are open from 6 am to 6 pm, well I looked at the clock and It was 5.20pm. I thought shit i'd better get moving as I knew I was going for long exposures and would only be able to capture 1 or 2 frames before I had to make it back out of there. Low and behold I made it back out just before 6pm. Few.

Here is the result of one of the frames.

Canon 6D, ISO 50, f/11, 6 minutes using a 10 & 3 stop Lee Filter

Behind The Scenes: Taken on a Sony Z2 Mobile.





I was planning to go to a location about thirty minutes north at Swansea. There was overcast skies in the area (my kind of skies) and after looking up the rain radar I knew I had to be quick as it was coming in south from the northerly direction.

So I headed off and about 10 mins away and I was watching the sky and I knew I wouldn't make it. So I quickly darted to a location I have been to before Chain Valley Bay towards to the jetty for a classic composition.

Once again there was a fisherman at the end of the jetty. I looked around notice a spot but then eventually decided on a square composition with Vales Point Powerstation at the bottom right of frame. I wanted the grand gesture of sweeping clouds going from right to left with the long exposure technique I often use.

To achieve this I used a Lee 10 stop and 3 stop hard grad filter to get a silky smooth and white lake with a dark sky.

I literally had time for one frame before the heavy rain started. So i'm happy I got this one in.

Here is the jpeg straight out of camera. I set the preview to a custom Black and White profile (I don't normally show this)

Power - Before

Power - Before

Here is the final results after cleaning up in Adobe Raw 2014 and Three simple layers in Photoshop CC 2014.

Power - After. Canon 6D ISO 50, f/16, 132 sec



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Montague Island

This is Montague Island as the title suggests and it's situated off the township of Narooma on the East coast of New South Wales, Australia.

When I first arrived in Narooma I noticed the island straight away and started composing in my mind what it would look like as a long exposure. 
I didn't take the shot and was not sure why. When we had some rain during the weekend I wondered if I would get another chance to shoot it with the sun in the west lighting it up.
It wasn't until the Sunday afternoon when the showers had cleared and we weren't out seascaping.
So I quickly grab the opportunity to capture an exposure for six minutes while hiding behind a tree because of cross winds at the time.


Montague Island - ISO 50, Aperture f/11 , Shutter 6mins 

Ocean Thoughts

Ocean Thoughts....

After having some personal issues with social media, bland photos in my streams (social media noise, should i give it a rest) getting the shits with my progress (business and printing) I think I have pull another image out of my arse, that hopefully someone will like. 

Now i'm adding to your digital noise sorry.

About the image..titled "Ocean Thoughts"

These nice jagged rocks are just to the right of Camel Rock and while I was waiting for the others to come back from around there I decided one last image before I headed off for breakfast. 

I was looking at them and I can just see before I even start what it's going to look like in my mind, playing it out in my head. I could see the leading line from the creek out to the rocks with the flow of clouds streaking by.

Tip: If setting up a tripod on these outlets make sure you push down on the tripod legs to steady it because the water flowing will soften the sand and make the tripod sink down during your exposure and therefore the static subjects will blur. 


Ocean Thoughts - ISO 50, f/16 @ 4mins

Ocean Thoughts - ISO 50, f/16 @ 4mins

A Pioneer View

This is one of those images that really mean more to me than appealing to others. What i mean by that is this area of the Central Coast used to be traveled by the early pioneers of the area. My family is from the Wyong area so it's home to me. You can't really see it, but the point of land in the distance is an old jetty made of rocks called Tuggerah Wharf.
I couldn't get around the fence to get over to the jetty so this is where i had to take my one and only image. 

A Pioneer View at Tuggerah Lake

A Pioneer View at Tuggerah Lake

Forresters Beach Meet

I had a great time on the weekend past with the Flickr Focus group at Forresters Beach. I also had a little frustrating time trying to capture the big waves smashing against the rocks while it was dark before the sun rose. I was trying something i don't normally do, that is freeze waves with faster shutter speeds. That meant wide apertures and higher ISO's. I did do some of these and i didn't feel free and comfortable. So after sunrise there was enough light to get out the Lee Big Stopper and create a great Long Exposure if i do say so myself. I was feeling great after this and then went to breakfast with some of the crew from the meet up. Nothing like a coffee after a photo shesh. We had breakfast at Point Cafe, Wamberal.

A big wave captured and uploaded straight out of the camera.

A big wave captured and uploaded straight out of the camera.

My final image i was happy with called "Forresters Spa"

Forresters Spa

Forresters Spa

What's needed for a Long Exposure photo

What's needed for a Long Exposure photo and How to Calculate.

My Setup for really Long Exposures (minutes).


Tripod (sturdy)

Cable release

Mirror Lockup or Live View to prevent Mirror slap which causes slight vibrations

Shoot in RAW (to correct any colour cast from filter in post + other corrections)

Camera with Bulb setting (Digital or Film)

With Film, watch out for Reciprocity failure  Wiki

Setup camera to measure in 1/2 stop increments instead of 1/3 stop (easier to calculate)

10 stop ND filter. Plus others if needed.

Composition (can't stress this enough)

If using Auto Focus don't forget to turn it off otherwise the lens will seek if using a 10 stop ND filter and you'll have to take it off and focus again.

Measure Shutter Speed with Aperture Value set at f/16 first before ND is positioned.

What ever the shutter speed count back 10 stops of light hoping for 1/15 or lower but no longer than 1 second (too long for me) 

eg 1/15 - 10 stops would be 1 minute

       1/8 -  10 stops would be 2 minutes

       1/4 -  10 stops would be 4 minutes

       1/2 -  10 stops would be 8 minutes

        1s -  10 stops would be 15 minutes

Then switch to Bulb mode on the Dial and set the Aperture to f/16 and ISO 100

Take a photo with cable release and lock for the time measured.

I learnt all this via http://www.bwvision.com/  by Joel Tjintjelaar and read the guides for Ultimate Guide For Long Exposures part 1 - 3

Another resource is http://www.bulbexposures.com/ by Marc Koegel

Any questions let me know.


*edit now that i have upgraded to a Canon EOS 6D i use ISO 50 so i get less Hot Pixels & Noise during the Long Exposure.



Osborne Park Jetty

Osborne Park Jetty

Scouting and Vision in Photography


Today i'm going to talk about scouting and vision in regards to the before and after of capturing an image called "Norah Head 7"

It's real important when you have down time from taking photos that you either dream day or night about a scene that you have gone to, looked up online through sites like Flickr and Google Maps or draw out a scene on paper.  It really helps with pre-visualisation. Another way is while out and about use your phone's camera to take a snap shot of a scene.

Below i have taken a snap of the scene i have been thinking about. I did this while walking at the beach with the family.  It was quick and i got back to the Dad duties afterwards.

Norah Head 7 taken with phone camera

Norah Head 7 taken with phone camera

Straight away i saw the composition i wanted, i had seen this shape of a seven with the direction of the rocks. Now to come back on an overcast day when i'll have clouds to create a moody image.

Creating the image.

I came back during overcast conditions which is right for my moody black & white long exposure images. I lined up the composition i already scouted from a previous time inserted my Lee filters the Big Stopper (10 stops) and a Hard Edge Grad Neutral Density (3 stops) and made an exposure of 2 minutes @ f/16 & ISO 50


I opened the image in Adobe Camera Raw and did minimal changes like Lens Correction and Straighten image nothing else was done as i knew it would be a B&W image. Next the file opens in Adobe Photoshop where i cleaned up dust spots, created Curve layers with masks and also Luminosity masks to increase exposure in the highlight and decrease exposure in other areas of the image and then saved the image for the web. I left the Coal Ship in the background because i feel it adds to the composition and weight of the image using the leading lines of the 7 shape to the ship then to the clouds.

Norah Head 7 Final Image.

Norah Head 7 Final Image.

Final Thoughts

Think, think & think about it. I can't stress that enough. It will make you more happy and proud when you get it all right from Vision to the Final Image.

Remember one quality image is better than a quantity of images that are bad or semi-ok.

I wait your commentary and feedback on this post.



PhotoHaus Gallery - The Art of Long Exposure Exhibition

As you might gather by now i have a drawing to Long Exposure Photography, particularity Black and White images.

So when i saw an open call for submissions to The Art of Long Exposure Exhibition from the PhotoHaus Gallery http://photohausgallery.com/ i knew i had to apply. It's been curated by Sharon TenenbaumGrant Murray and Marc Koegel whom i hold in high regard.

I was very excited and nervous when i learnt that i'll be included in this exhibition and in an International Art Gallery! The PhotoHaus Gallery is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Thoughts in composing these images:

I don't normally give the background on what i'm thinking when capturing the image and usually leave it to the viewer for interpretation but if you read on i'll explain next my thoughts.

Untitled: I used the angle of the rocks and channel to point towards from bottom left of the composition to top right towards the hill in the background. I also knew the clouds were moving from behind me to give the cloud streak to show against the grain of the composition giving an overall flow to the image.

Catherine Hill Bay: I'll keep this simple. I imagined using the flow of the rocks to point to the wharf and in turn point to the right towards the hill in the background to have a curved leading line that leads you from the front of the image to the background.

The Exhibition will run from 1st June, 2013.


Untitled, 2012

Catherine Hill Bay, 2013