PhotoHaus Gallery - The Art of Long Exposure Exhibition

As you might gather by now i have a drawing to Long Exposure Photography, particularity Black and White images.

So when i saw an open call for submissions to The Art of Long Exposure Exhibition from the PhotoHaus Gallery i knew i had to apply. It's been curated by Sharon TenenbaumGrant Murray and Marc Koegel whom i hold in high regard.

I was very excited and nervous when i learnt that i'll be included in this exhibition and in an International Art Gallery! The PhotoHaus Gallery is located in Vancouver, Canada.

Thoughts in composing these images:

I don't normally give the background on what i'm thinking when capturing the image and usually leave it to the viewer for interpretation but if you read on i'll explain next my thoughts.

Untitled: I used the angle of the rocks and channel to point towards from bottom left of the composition to top right towards the hill in the background. I also knew the clouds were moving from behind me to give the cloud streak to show against the grain of the composition giving an overall flow to the image.

Catherine Hill Bay: I'll keep this simple. I imagined using the flow of the rocks to point to the wharf and in turn point to the right towards the hill in the background to have a curved leading line that leads you from the front of the image to the background.

The Exhibition will run from 1st June, 2013.


Untitled, 2012

Catherine Hill Bay, 2013