VSCO is a company that produces plugin software and apps for photography. They specialize in adding film effects to your images. I'm a sucker for film and grain so when it was made available as an app for Android I installed it and started using it straight away.

Using VSCO Cam i can capture images, edit images and then upload them to a grid. I have upload a couple so far, so you can check my Grid out here 

Don't forget to add a link to your Grid in the comments for me to check out.





Instagram is something i never thought i'd get into, but i found a use. I use it to capture behind the scenes of my location of where i'm photographing with my DSLR and also follow other photographers. You will get to see some of the images i'll think about processing before i post them to my website or social media sites.

I don't post too many DSLR pics to my account and mainly use my phone's camera to capture the scene where i'm at.

Not only do i edit through the native Instagram app on Android i also edit and resize on 3rd party apps such as

My account is here Jason Beaven don't forget to follow and leave a comment!!!