Focus Photography Awards

Focus award results.

It's just a tad over a year since I joined the Sydney Flickr group called Focus and my second year of entering the awards. (Don't forget to join if you're in Australia.)

This year I entered in 5 images to qualify for the Photographer of the Year in the Amateur section based on these categories

  • Panorama
  • Cityscape
  • Seascape
  • Landscape
  • Black & White 

Scoring: Gold 88-100, Silver 81-87, Bronze 75-80.

I received a Silver (84)  for the Cityscape (my first Silver), Three Bronzes' Black and White (80), Landscape (78), Seascape (78) and a air swing (71) for the Pano category.

I believe I haven't scored a high enough average to win it, which is total score 391 / 5 = 78.2

I entered all black and white images as that's where I feel i'm at with my journey as a photographer and wanted to present them as a package (even though i'm not being judged on that) and wanted to show consistency.

This group is not a black & white group, It's just what I like and staying true to that. I could of entered coloured images like last year but maybe a little of me would of been doing it for the judges.

Thank you to the committee and judges for their time and efforts for the group and awards to happen.

I look forward to the Award night on November 1st to meet & greet the other photographers in the group and to see the winning images. Can't wait!