A Year in Review 2013


The year started off with fireworks, time spent with the family and holiday leave from work.

Photographically speaking i went to locations such as the Newcastle Bogey Hole for a Flickr meet with the Sundance Group i also ended up at Catherine Hill Bay, Toowoon Bay and Clarence Town.



In February we had a lot of rain where it was enough for minor flooding to occur in the lake system. This provides an alternate landscape with jetties and swimming areas inundated with water, which is good for Long Exposures.

Locations visited was Jenny Dixon Beach, Gorokan Co-op Jetty, Pipe-Clay point.

There was also an astronomical event called an Occulation where one space object is hidden by another object that passes between it and the observer. This happened with the planet Jupiter and Moon.

Cabbage Tree Bay


During March i met up with fellow Central Coast photographer Michael Blyde to do a Sunrise shoot at Catherine Hill Bay wharf and didn't the sky light up, it was one to remember.

Catho Sunrise

Also i did another Flickr meet with the Sundance Group to Stockton Beach to see the Sygna shipwreck and Sand Dunes and that was a site to see. The fog rolled in just on Sunrise to give the Sygna an eerie feeling, like a ghost ship.



I decided to try out a minimal B&W nightscape under a near full moon at the beach. I called it "Ocean", it turned out really well and was very happy with it. It received a HM in the IPA Awards.


I also let loose a little and did some steel wool spinning with the circle of sparks going around the full moon.


I witnessed an amazing Sunset at one of the local jetties, the ones where the sky catches fire as they say. One to remember. I also ventured to the Swansea Breakwall where it was blowing a gale, Macmasters Beach Ocean Pool and The Entrance Ocean Baths.

Aquatic Jetty Sunset Web.jpg

I submitted an image, which got accepted to the Google Plus "Plus One Collection 2012 Book" Blog making it my first book appearance

I also submitted and got accepted for an image to the PhotoHaus Gallery in Vancouver for a Long Exposure Exhibition Blog


June was big for me as i got a new camera. I upgraded from a Canon 1000D with a cropped sensor to Canon EOS 6D with Full Frame sensor. This came with a 24-105mm f/4 L Lens. This means i can go wider than before, have low ISO for long exposures, have high clean ISO for Milky Way shots, shoot remotely, focus on live view, use GPS for Photospheres (more on that later), HDR and a whole lot of other functions that i have never used before.

I mainly shot at my local beaches and come up with some nice long exposures that i was happy with. I also met up with Ali Sadreddini, Jason Baker & Belinda Campbell for a washed out Supermoon shoot at Norah Head lighthouse.

Soldiers Beach Drain


Winter was coming on and it was cold. Going to Yarramalong and up to the top of the hills the wind was cutting through me it must of been about 4 degrees Celsius maybe even lower as when I got to the bottom of the hills there was frost everywhere. I came a way with one shot, but i was a little disappointed that it was cloudless skies though. There is always next time. I shot some more long exposure seascapes, a jetty shot and my first Milky Way shot which i was happy with, but rough around the edges if you know what i mean.


There was about 5 images i shot throughout August that i was happy with. I also entered my first Photography Awards, The Epson International Pano Awards. I got a bronze certificate for Nature Category in the Amateur section. I was very happy with the results and hopefully will enter again this year. Blog 


I went down to Yattalunga to meet up with Michael Blyde to shoot a sunset, which i came away with a shot i was happy with.


I also entered another photography award competition, the IPA's (International Photography Awards) where i received an Honorable Mention for my image "Ocean" in the Amateur section and this was another achievement i was happy with. Blog


We had some very bad bushfires locally which affected the communities just North where i live and also extended areas North of Newcastle and the Blue Mountains west of Sydney. I'm not a photojournalist and had no reason to be near the fires to take photos, but i did capture an image from across the lake to try and show the size of the fire.

Doyalson Fire  2013


I recently joined the Focus Flickr group run by John Armytage from Sydney and they had an annual competition and award night. I entered the competition and didn't fair to well but got some good feedback on the images i submitted which is great.  I also wanted to go to meet other photographers and hear what special guest Peter Eastway had to say. That was a treat in itself. His enthusiasm for photography and what he captures was worth sitting back and taking in.

I also headed out to North Avoca for a Sunrise shoot, what a great spot. If you haven't been there with a camera then you need to shoot there. I got a few that i'm happy with and i also had a chance to create a 360 degree panorama called a Photosphere which can be uploaded to Google Maps so others can see your Pano who go to North Avoca on the map.

Photosphere Here is my link http://goo.gl/oq1OAL


Christmas and Summer holiday time. I have been out for a few sessions and hopefully got a couple to keep. I did meet up with fellow Instagrammer  Pauly Vella at Soldiers Beach for a sunset shoot and got a couple i'm happy with.

Soldiers Beach Sunset Web.jpg

It's a Wrap

I just like to say thank you to all my supporters over the past year who have shared, commented or liked my images on social media. It really means a lot to me and welcome any feedback on my images. Here is a short video of the images shared on various websites and social media. Here's to 2014 and beyond!